My Top 13 Kpop Dance Songs Of 2013


I know what you’re thinking. It’s not the end of 2013 yet, right? Such lists always come out at the end of the year, comprising of all the good music that was released throughout the year.

But considering how much I love kpop, and how many good songs are coming out every new week, I couldn’t wait till the year-end.

So here it is. My playlist of the best dance songs (in no particular order) that came out this year, right from January to August 2013! These songs will have you grooving in no time 😀

  • I Got A Boy – SNSD

These girls kicked off the year with a bang. A song consisting of good beats and nice singing, this song is a tough one to dance to, but very fun!

  • Break Down – Super Junior M

Any kpop song list would be incomplete without Super Junior, and in this case, I’m talking about SJ-M! I totally love this one as well as the Chinese version!

  • I Like 2 Party – Jay Park

Talk about dance and not mention Jay Park? How is that even possible!? So here it is. Jay Park’s latest offering of party music. If ya like to party, dance away!

  • Expectation – Girl’s Day

Although I’m not a Girl’s day fan, this song’s beats caught my fancy. There’s no doubt that this song is addictive!

  • This Love – SHINHWA

The legends of Kpop! This is an awesome song from start to finish.

  • Growl – EXO

This song by EXO blew me away. If I wasn’t a fan of theirs before, I am now. Their synchronized dancing is amazing and so is the camera work in the video. Good job, SM!

  • Do You Love Me – 2NE1

I am particularly partial to 2NE1, because their song helped me win the KPOP contest in 2012 😛 But really, this is a great song. I love it!

  • Tarzan – Wonder Boyz

Now this is something new in kpop. Kpop and reggaeton! And they have merged the two genres beautifully. Super addictive!

  • Incredible – XIA

Everybody knows that XIA Junsu is an amazing dancer (Seriously, Tarantallegra was friggin’ difficult!), and this song isn’t as dark as that, but a nice groovy song to make you tap your feet.

  • Give It To Me – SISTAR

Apart from their outstanding vocals, SISTAR managed to show everyone why they rock the kpop scene every time they come back. Enjoy this moulin rouge-esq song from them!

  • Smoky Girl – MBLAQ

This song by the suave and sexy boys of MBLAQ shows off their dancing skills to perfection.

  • Wild – Nine Muses

I’ve enjoyed almost all songs that Nine Muses have released and this is one of them. Very catchy and the video looks stylish!

  • U & I – Ailee

Powerhouse Kpop vocalist Ailee’s ‘U & I’ sounds like a Beyonce song but hey, it’s awesome! Love the lyrics too!

Hope you enjoyed these songs! Go ahead, pump up the volume and dance like nobody’s watching! 🙂


Super Junior 5jib – MR. SIMPLE MV Teaser!

Okay, WHOAAAA. Firstly, our boys are looking SUPER hot here. I mean, just a teaser of 1:08 minutes is enough to kill millions of fangirls all over the globe! The first look of the mv (and the album on the whole, with it’s ‘ubersexual’ concept) is AMAZING. Seriously, CANNOT wait for the full music video. Here are some screen caps of the teaser to spaz over~!

The translation of the song in the teaser is:
SuperJunior in Love~ SuperJunior in Town~ the anticipation has
ended~ I’m coming to somewhere very very close to you~ SuperJunior in
Love~ SuperJunior in Town ~the wait is over~ I am coming over to you right
now~Mr.Simple!~ (I love it! :))

The teaser has a jazzy feel to it, which I LOVE! Fellow ELFs, don’t forget to watch the teasers gazillions of times to increase the views! 🙂 Let’s not re-upload the mv when it is out. Let’s support our boys ^^

Now, the pics (Slideshow)

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P.S. Donghae, Y U SO HOT.


Super Junior – The Super Amazing Group

Super Junior ! If you love kpop, and you don’t know SuJu, then you probably live under a rock. They are one of Asia’s biggest bands and world famous too. One of my friends mentioned a tweet about their song ‘Bonamana‘. Being pretty curious, I hopped onto YouTube and saw their music video. And oh my God, I loved it! That’s when my Korean addiction (which has now turned into an obsession hehe ;)) started. They have a huge fanclub (fandom, actually) called ELF aka EverLasting Friends, which is constantly growing. Donghae is said to have suggested the term of “Everlasting friends“!

Super Junior, often referred to as SJ or SuJu (슈주), is a boy group from South Korea formed by SM Entertainment in 2005. With a total of 13 members, they are one of the largest boy bands in the world. The group consists of Donghae, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Heechul, Yesung, Siwon, Sungmin, Ryeowook and leader Leeteuk.

This post is going to be about each member and of course, my opinions of them 🙂 Let’s start off with..


Sexy? Hell yeah!

Donghae : His name translates to East sea. The cutest of them all, Aiden Lee, with smooth dance moves and a killer voice, Donghae is one of SuJu’s best! Everyone on twitter knows that he has my heart haha 🙂 His solo song ‘Beautiful‘ is awesome! Donghae is a very emotional person and can cry at the drop of a hat. Eunhyuk teased Donghae that ‘He will change after gaining popularity and Donghae won’t remain the same‘, after that Donghae quietly went to the bathroom and cried out later saying ‘I’m not gonna change!!!’  Aw 🙂  Recently seen in the Kdrama ‘It’s okay Daddy’s daughter‘. Check out his Photoshoot here 😉 *Drool*. If you want to stalk him, go follow his twitter @donghae861015 *trivia: 861015 is Donghae’s birthdate!

SungMin: The pretty boy SungMinnie, has a very cute smile. He has a  great vocal talent as well. He LOVES the color pink and Donghae has said in an interview that all of SungMin’s clothes in his cupboard are pink! 😉

HeeChul: Kim Hee Chul, known as cinderella or more recently, Lady HeeHee, has been the likeable weirdo of this group. His dancing skills are umm.. not so impressive but he can definitely entertain you like no other! Known to be obsessed about his looks, he has struck a chord with his fans who call themselves ‘petals.’ If you watch his audition video on YouTube, you’ll see how his weirdness is actually his cuteness  😉

LeeTeuk: His real name is Park Jung Su.  Eeteuk, his stage name, means ‘special‘ which explains his twitter @special1004 A great leader to this  group, he always talks of keeping the band together, which keeps SuJu strong.

Kyuhyun: Ahh, Kyute! That’s what comes to every fangirl’s mind when you talk of Kyuhunnie. His shy looks can be misleading as he’s the evil magnae of Super Junior, haha! He has a voice of an angel! His song 7 years of love, will make you melt. He was involved in a major accident but came out alive and kickin’. Previously, not much of  a dancer, but if you see Kyu’s moves now, you’ll be astounded. He is amazing!

EunHyuk: Lee Hyuk Jae, is one hella dancer! The main rapper and dancer of Suju, he’s got some moves! Check this video out! In an interview, Donghae said that he loves Hyukjae’s jawline and liked his lips. LoL EunHae has been a very famous couple! Even though I love Donghae, I can say that their couple looks cute too hehe 😉

Kim Kibum: The cute guy Kim Kibum has a not lost a bit of his popularity after leaving SJ. Still popular among millions of fangirls, Kibum had a pivotal role in the Super Junior movie of 2007. ‘Attack on the pin up boys’ (which I would recommend watching ONLY and only  if you’re a hardcore SJ fan). HeeChul calls him ‘Snow White’. All the ELFs miss him and hopefully he comes back to SuJu soon!


Siwon: Ahh, handsome is the first word which comes to your mind when I mention Choi Siwon, right? Like a typical fangirl I’ll say that his muscles are to die for. He has been appreciated in the Kdrama Oh! My Lady and is currently seen in Athena: Goddess of War. HeeChul calls Siwon as ‘Simba’.

Kangin: Kim YoungWoon, popularly known as Kangin, choose this as his stage name to signify  “strong person,” to show his strength as an entertainer. Although originally auditioned to be an actor, he was placed under many all-boy project groups, including the rumored group Four Seasons, a four member boy band that was to include Heenim , Hero Jaejoong, and U-Know Yunho. However, both U-Know Yunho and Hero Jaejoong soon debuted as members of TVXQ in 2003, leaving Kim Young-woon and Kim Heechul to join Super Junior. Currently he is serving mandatory military service in South Korea.

ShinDong: The chubby Shindong is one of the few members who provide a comic relief in SuJu performances. He confessed that he cheated on his girlfriend. Out of all the Super Junior members, he had his first kiss first. Said to be second dirtiest member of the group (as in ‘not clean’); in one of Super Junior’s shower competitions he took only 27 seconds, breaking Siwon’s record of 30 seconds. Even though he doesn’t enjoy the same level of popularity as the ‘great looking’ guys, he is considered as one of suju’s  strong members.

Ryeowook: Wookie has one of the best voices in this group! He  had a rather funny role in the Super Junior movie and he did pretty well, I must say. Also a part of Super Junior M (Sub Group for the Chinese audience), he is one of the younger members. At a performance, Ryeowook happened to push Sungmin who pushed him back. It led to a rather funny scene where the rest of the members are performing, and Sungmin and Ryeowook are pushing each other in the background! 😀

Yesung: Kim Jongwoon aka Yesung, is the shy guy of Suju. Not exactly. Everyone thought he was the most quiet member of the group but it is totally different off camera. Once at an interview, yesung talked for 2 hours nonstop. With an amazing voice talent, check out his song ‘It Has To Be You’

Hangeng: Hangeng, SuJu’s only Chinese member left Suju due to contract issues with SMEnt, and recently came out with a solo album. He is always praised about his cooking skills. He was in the hostel cooking once and he only found onion eggs and rice, so he used these to cook. All the members praised him and asked him what is the name of this dish, due to his poor Korean at that time he wanted to say egg fried rice, but instead he said, Beijing fried rice. So that is how the famous Beijing Rice come about. Siwon talks to Hangeng in Chinese while he replies in Korean, to improve their respective language speaking skills. Cute!

Keep supporting the Suju boys, ELFs! Hwaiting! ^^