Boys Over Flowers : The Awesome Kdrama!

Boys Over Flowers

Wow. I’m in love with this one. When I started watching this show I wasn’t much interested in it (probably because the first scene of bullying turned me off, when I was expecting a romantic drama). And now I’m hooked. I’m still on  episode 21, but I couldn’t wait to write this post. Let me tell you, this is gonna have some spoilers!! 😉

Geum Jan Di

So, we have this lovely but poor high school girl, who’s also a swimmer,  named Geum Jan Di, who saves a boy from being bullied by the famous (or infamous rather) F4 in this “high class” Shinhwa School. She is soon given the name of “Wonder girl Geum JanDi”. You will have an instant liking towards JanDi, the fearless child like young girl. Koo Hye Sun, a fabulous  and super talented actress, director and so much more is such an all-rounder! Great expressions, great dialogue delivery and great looker.

Beautiful, isn't she?

And, the F4!

You’ll detest them at first. I did too. But I thought they were cute! 🙂 They are:

Gu Jun Pyo 🙂




1. Gu Jun Pyo:  The tall, rich, handsome guy with super long legs (aka perfect guy, I mean come on, Lee Min Ho is hot!) is the heir of Shinhwa Group. He practically owns the school and hence never misses an opportunity to bully the students who don’t follow his rules. Lee Min Ho is a brilliant actor. One of the best from this lot and the best I’ve seen yet. Way to Go, LMH!


That's the smile I'm talking about 🙂

2. So Ee Jung: The cutie with the killer smile, this is Kim Bum for you. My mind kinda moves away from the plot and I start focusing on his smile more when he comes on screen. Don’t blame me 😉




3. Yoon Ji Hoo: JI HOO! omg, he’s my new crush. Slightly needs improvement in the acting department but totally blows me away in the looks and personality department! Played by the uber talented singer actor and hot dancer Kim Hyun Joong aka Leader of the Kpop group SS501.


4. Woo Bin: F4 completes with WooBin. The ultimate player and womanizer. He’s cute and goodhearted too, as you’ll see when the drama progresses. I’m still on ep 21 as I said, now moving towards the end of the show (noooo), but I wonder why WooBin doesn’t have a parallel storyline in this show YET? He needs a GF too 🙂

As we move forward, Ji Hoo, JanDi and Jun Pyo (All their names start with J? lol) get involved in a love triangle of sorts. I literally cried when I saw the scenes when JunPyo did something nice for JanDi. I mean, if everyone had boyfriends like that, the world would be a better place. But deep down inside, I wanted JanDi to end up with the sweet, loving, caring and super understanding JiHoo. Hard to choose between love and friendship, eh?

I feel ya, JanDi.

A parallel plot line is of So Ee Jung and our very own JanDi’s BFF Ga Eul (I love her name!). Both make a sweet couple and they tug at your heart strings when you scream inside “END UP TOGETHER WILL YA? COME ON!” haha. The SoEul Couple. Schweeet.

And then there are some scenes of Ji Hoo with his grandpa, towards to end of the show. Doesn’t interest me much, though is integral to the plotline.

Then, we have the ugly -inside-out President Kang, Jun Pyo’s old hag aka mom. She gets in the way of JunPyo and JanDi’s love. Breaks homes. Makes people unemployed. Does all the bad things. If you like her, then probably you’re weird.

Gu Jun Pyo’s sister is one hell of a cutie.

Her introductory scene with the cartwheel is funny, though not intentionally. She’s hot and adds good value to the storyline.

Jae Kyung. Ha Jae Kyung, heir of the JK group about to be merged with Shinhwa group. She becomes Jun Pyo’s fiance. The one we love to hate but just can’t hate. OMG, what about JanDi then?  Doesn’t JunPyo like JanDi anymore? Ahh, you’ll see. 🙂

Here is a list of some of my favorite scenes and memorable moments from this show till now:

  • (When Jun Pyo and Jan Di are in a  helicopter)

Jun Pyo: (On seeing a heart shaped island he owns)  I always wanted to bring the love of my life here.  JanDi-ya, can you see it? My Heart? 🙂

  • When JanDi gives JunPyo a full blown 360 degree turn high kick in the face!. AWESOME! lol
  • When they visit New Caledonia and Macau.  Great locations and amazing scenery! Makes me wanna visit these places someday!
  • When JanDi suffers the pain of getting a chair thrashed on her back. Just for JunPyo. Tears here.
  • When Jun Pyo lives with the Geum family for a night! I loved that part! Our little Geum Gang San, JanDi’s bro and JanDi’s dad TOTALLY rock that scene with Lee Min Ho. Hilarious.
  • Gu Jun Pyo eating raw Ramyun noodles. LOVED IT.
  • Ji Hoo playing any instrument. He’s a rockstar.
  • I think the most repeated dialogue in this kdrama is “Dae?” Meaning “Yes?” Try finding one episode which doesn’t have any character saying this. haha Just my observation. 😉
  • When Jun Pyo and Jan Di go for skiing, ice skating, shopping, walk on the beach…aaah, all those romantic moments. Love.
  • When Jun Pyo says “It’s not PRIIIIVACY it’s P-R-I-D-E” 🙂
  • When Ji Hoo participates in the wedding dress competition with JanDi. Oh, what a beautiful couple they make! And she kisses him on the cheek. SO CUTE. 🙂 I envy how JanDi is always surrounded by hot guys! 😀
  • Aaah when Ji Hoo speaks English!! This language never sounded better on any other Korean.

(To the guitar player on the streets of Macau)

Ji Hoo: I’m so sorry,  can I borrow your guitar? Just once? Okay Thank you.

(Ji hoo smiles wide and so do I) Simple words but awesome accent. Can you feel the fangirl inside me smiling as I type this? lol 😉

Also, I love how awesome friends the F4 are! With JanDi too! Always supportive, always there for each other. Nice!!

Oh, and I looove the OST of this show. Lucky by Ashily, Starlight tears by Kim Yu Kyung, Stand By Me by SHINee, Because I’m stupid and Making a Lover by SS501 are all fantastic!

SO! Didn’t realise how long this post turned out to be! That shows how much I loooove this Kdrama. I’m sure I’ll watch it again. And maybe again. Till I get bored of it, which is never 🙂


If you haven’t watched it, boy are you missing out. And for those who have watched it already, what are you waiting for? WATCH IT AGAIN!

Gu Jun Pyo – Geum JanDi – Yoon Ji Hoo and the rest of F4, fighting!! 🙂


Review: You’re Beautiful

The cast of You're Beautiful

You’re beautiful aka He’s beautiful aka You’re handsome is a cute romantic comedy starring the brilliant actress Park Shin Hye in the role of Go Mi Nam (male) as well as Go Mi Nyeo (female).


This is a typical story of a girl disguising as a guy to avoid some situations but ends up getting into a lot of sticky situations instead! 😀

But the treatment of this  story is not so typical.

Go Mi Nam

Go Mi Nyeo, a soon to be nun, lives far off from the hustle and bustle of the city. But one day a guy suddenly tries to follow her  in a  car. She avoids him but later, stops to know what the matter is, at the mention of her twin brother, Go Mi Nam.

As a result of a plastic surgery gone wrong, Go Mi Nyeo must step in  place of her twin, who happens to be a soon to be launched new band member of the group A.N.JELL. When she comes to know that by doing this she might actually find her mother, who left her and her twin when they were kids, she agrees to become Go Mi Nam 🙂

A.N.JELL consists of three members, Hwang Tae Kyung – The Leader, Shin Woo, and Jeremy. Tae Kyung is the quintessential emo guy with a hairstyle to go with it. But he kills me when he smiles, which doesn’t happen till the fifth episode 🙂 Shin Woo has one of the warmest eyes I’ve seen. He’s quite the laidback character. And Jeremy is the opposite! If not screaming, jumping around making funny faces, talking to their dog Angelina Jolie, he usually keeps eyeing Go Mi Nam suspiciously.

In the earlier episodes some people get to know that Go Mi Nam is actually a girl, while some keep suspecting that, whereas some are clueless about it 🙂

This story is about this girl who lands up in a  pop idol group as a boy, and the fun and horror that follows with it. This show also takes us through the behind the scenes of the life of  famous Korean pop groups.

Park shin hye

Park Shin Hye is an AMAZING actress.  She totally blew me away.

Jang Geun Suk

Jang Geun Suk is a great looking, fabulous actor/ singer.^^

Lee Hong ki aka cute smile guy

Lee Hong Ki is cute! His smile has the ability to kill you with cuteness.

Jung Yong Hwa is adorable.

Also the actor and actress playing the role of the manager and fashion stylist respectively, bring in some funny moments too!

One highlight from the show is :  The scene where the manager, the stylist and Go Mi Nam play a game where they have to name all the members of a particular kpop band. When he points to Go Mi Nam saying “Super Junior members are!?” She blurts out names of all 13 members so quickly!! Trust me , you’ll be astonished at her speed! haha 😀

Somehow as the story progresses, Shin Woo starts liking Go Mi Nam, as also Tae Kyung but both don’t show it. And, Jeremy also has feelings of liking towards him (her). In short, it’s complicated 😉

I like Yoo He Yi’s publicly sweet and innocent, but privately cunning character. I love how two faced she is and plays  both her faces nicely 🙂

There are a few points like : Nobody argues that Go Mi Nam’s voice is way too girly when he talks and sings. And his walk is really really girly too. But I guess they just take it as feminine. When he cries profusely, he’s just sensitive. 😉

It’s a great drama, and if you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out! Go watch it now! 😀

Review: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

This super hit SBS drama, aired between 2010-Aug-11 to 2010-Sep-30, has been the talk of the year! One of the most successful dramas, My girlfriend is a gumiho (Gumiho means a nine tailed fox) aka Nae Yeojachinguneun Gumiho, shot the lead actors to overnight fame.

Although, the actor Lee Seung gi was already well known for his singing and acting skills, the pretty actress Shin Min ah, has been put into the limelight for an amazing portrayal of Miss Gu Mi Ho.

The story is a romantic comedy fantasy, where a particularly lazy and careless boy Cha Dae Woong, accidentally meets MiHo, a gumiho, after he draws nine tails on an old painting, which releases her from it, into the human world.

Dae Woong (Later lovingly called Woong-ah) falls off a hill which severely injures him leading towards death.  But to repay for releasing her, GuMiho (Later called Miho-ya) gives Woong her precious fox bead. This restores his life and thus she saves him.

In order to protect the bead, she needs to constantly stay beside it, and hence stay beside Dae Woong. During this time, he can’t ‘mate’ with any other woman, haha, that’s a funny way to put it, but yeah that’s how it is ;)

Woong, in the beginning, considers her a burden, as she eats a LOT of beef and other meat. Haha But the story goes for a twist when…you guessed it right, they fall in love with each other.

Also, one of my favorite reasons for watching this show, a character called “Park Dong Joo” played by the beautiful, gorgeous, hot, tall guy (give me one minute to drool) No Min Woo! :) OH MY GAWD HE’S SO SEXY I CAN’T TAKE HIS HOTNESS 😀  His emo character totally gives him an edge. Everytime he comes on screen, a song TRAP sung by him, plays in the background, be sure to check it out. No Min Woo has a great sense of camera angles. Park Dong joo speaks in a calm tone which makes him so mysterious. He wants to catch Miho, or maybe not? Ha, I won’t kill the suspense, but he does own a knife which can kill Miho and make her disappear.

Eun Hae In, Dae Woong’s senior, is in love with Woong (that’s what she thinks) but she doesn’t really LOVE him. She always gets in the way of MiHo and Woong’s love story but honestly, she’s the one who takes the story forward.

I love how this show breaks stereotypes. The hero is wimpy and the heroine is  physically strong. She drinks beer and doesn’t hesitate to say that she likes someone out loud, even in the middle of a road with tons of people around. Now that’s cool!

There’s an amusing subplot of Woong’s aunt Min Sook and the director Ban, who are in their own world of love. They do some real silly random stuff which can either gross you out or make you laugh. They provide a much needed comic relief in the show.

The beautiful song played during romantic moments is Fox Rain, which definitely brings a mood in the show. Losing my mind, I will love you from now on, are some great songs sung by Seung Gi!

This drama totally blew my mind in terms of great dialogues, good direction and fab acting. The funny moments are awesome and Lee Seung Gi is an amazing actor!! If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it, ‘cause it’s so worth it! ;) Hoi Hoi!