My Top 13 Kpop Dance Songs Of 2013


I know what you’re thinking. It’s not the end of 2013 yet, right? Such lists always come out at the end of the year, comprising of all the good music that was released throughout the year.

But considering how much I love kpop, and how many good songs are coming out every new week, I couldn’t wait till the year-end.

So here it is. My playlist of the best dance songs (in no particular order) that came out this year, right from January to August 2013! These songs will have you grooving in no time 😀

  • I Got A Boy – SNSD

These girls kicked off the year with a bang. A song consisting of good beats and nice singing, this song is a tough one to dance to, but very fun!

  • Break Down – Super Junior M

Any kpop song list would be incomplete without Super Junior, and in this case, I’m talking about SJ-M! I totally love this one as well as the Chinese version!

  • I Like 2 Party – Jay Park

Talk about dance and not mention Jay Park? How is that even possible!? So here it is. Jay Park’s latest offering of party music. If ya like to party, dance away!

  • Expectation – Girl’s Day

Although I’m not a Girl’s day fan, this song’s beats caught my fancy. There’s no doubt that this song is addictive!

  • This Love – SHINHWA

The legends of Kpop! This is an awesome song from start to finish.

  • Growl – EXO

This song by EXO blew me away. If I wasn’t a fan of theirs before, I am now. Their synchronized dancing is amazing and so is the camera work in the video. Good job, SM!

  • Do You Love Me – 2NE1

I am particularly partial to 2NE1, because their song helped me win the KPOP contest in 2012 😛 But really, this is a great song. I love it!

  • Tarzan – Wonder Boyz

Now this is something new in kpop. Kpop and reggaeton! And they have merged the two genres beautifully. Super addictive!

  • Incredible – XIA

Everybody knows that XIA Junsu is an amazing dancer (Seriously, Tarantallegra was friggin’ difficult!), and this song isn’t as dark as that, but a nice groovy song to make you tap your feet.

  • Give It To Me – SISTAR

Apart from their outstanding vocals, SISTAR managed to show everyone why they rock the kpop scene every time they come back. Enjoy this moulin rouge-esq song from them!

  • Smoky Girl – MBLAQ

This song by the suave and sexy boys of MBLAQ shows off their dancing skills to perfection.

  • Wild – Nine Muses

I’ve enjoyed almost all songs that Nine Muses have released and this is one of them. Very catchy and the video looks stylish!

  • U & I – Ailee

Powerhouse Kpop vocalist Ailee’s ‘U & I’ sounds like a Beyonce song but hey, it’s awesome! Love the lyrics too!

Hope you enjoyed these songs! Go ahead, pump up the volume and dance like nobody’s watching! 🙂


My First Trip to Seoul, Korea


Back in November 2012, I was lucky to get an opportunity to visit South Korea. I received round trip tickets of Korean Air by winning the Silver prize in a 2012 Kpop cover singing competition in New Delhi, India. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I could make it to Korea, but it all worked out and I visited the number 1 country of my must-visit holiday destination list! On November 15 2012, my flight touched down on Incheon International airport. It’s the best airport I’ve seen. Really huge and perfect. Continue reading

Movie review: Sunny (2011)

Sunny! Wow this film is absolutely one of my all time favorites. This is the kind of film which will make you laugh and cry. It will definitely remind you of the fun times you had during your middle school/high school years.

The story revolves around new high-school transfer student Im Na-Mi, who comes from a small town in Jeolla-do to a new school in Seoul. On her first day at her new school she is bullied by others girls. But some girls are really nice to her and help her. The girls are Ha Chun-Hwa, known for her strong sense of loyalty & excellent fighting skills,  Jang-Mi  who really wishes to get double eye-lid surgery, Jin-Hee  who swears like a sailor, Geum-Ok who is interested in literature, Bok-Hee  dreams of becoming Miss Korea someday and Su-Ji  who is always arrogant and talks very less. Na-Mi quickly becomes part of their group. Their opposition comes in the form of the group who call themselves “Girls Generation”, Na-Mi scares them away (literally) with curse words she learned  from her grandmother. These seven girls then form their own group called “Sunny“. Boney-M’s song “Sunny” is the hit song at that time (during the 70s/80s) and that’s the song they decide to perform at an upcoming festival . But on the day of their performance a horrible incident occurs leading the girls to eventually go their own separate ways.

Years later, Im Na-mi wants everyone to re-unite! A reunion! But is it possible? How have the girls changed over the years? This film will take you through a trip down memory lane. The transitions from the present to the past (flashbacks) are handled effortlessly and move smoothly. The stories are woven into each other beautifully. The OST is also awesome! You will laugh with them, cry with them and dance with them! A bittersweet story which is bound to tug your heartstrings.

The film was released in May 2011, and it was the first film to sell over 5 million tickets in South Korea during the 2011 year and is the twelfth highest grossing film in South Korean history.

So don’t miss it! Check out the English subbed trailer here! My rating: 4.5/5

Movie Review: Silenced/ The Crucible (2011)

I had heard a lot of great things about this movie from my Korean friends. I had also known that this movie had won great accolades and is one of the best movies of 2011. I thought of watching it and boy, was my mind blown.

First and foremost, this movie is not for the faint hearted. If you cannot handle explicit scenes, stay away from this one. If you can handle such stuff, read on!

This film (Korean name : 도가니) follows the journey of Kang In Ho (Gong Yoo) as he finds a new job at a school for the hearing impaired as an art teacher. What seems like a normal school, actually has a very dark underbelly. Gong  Yoo witnesses some strange and horrible incidents happening to some kids and finds out the ugly truth of what actually happens behind closed doors in that school. He soon realizes that the school’s principal and teachers, and even the police, prosecutors and churches in the community are actually trying to cover up the truth.

Once you start watching this movie, you’ll get drawn into it and feel every emotion that the characters in the movie feel. The acting is impeccable. The children had to portray such difficult roles but they did it and how! Baek Seung hwan is going to be a great actor in the future (he is an amazing child actor now!)

The fact that this storyline is based on a real life experience makes it all the more chilling. This movie doesn’t aim to entertain. It aims to tell you the reality – as it is. Gong Yoo’s acting is just superb so is Jung Yu Mi’s acting. When you finish watching it, this movie will leave strong imprints on your mind.

This movie is based on the novel “Dogani” written by Kong Ji-Young (published in 2009). The novel was inspired by a true incidents which occurred at a school for hearing-impaired persons in Gwangju, South Korea.

Again, don’t watch it if you’re below 18 or if you can’t handle explicit scenes. Here’s the trailer:

If you have watched this movie, let me know in the comments what you thought of it! My rating: 4/5

Super Junior 5jib – MR. SIMPLE MV Teaser!

Okay, WHOAAAA. Firstly, our boys are looking SUPER hot here. I mean, just a teaser of 1:08 minutes is enough to kill millions of fangirls all over the globe! The first look of the mv (and the album on the whole, with it’s ‘ubersexual’ concept) is AMAZING. Seriously, CANNOT wait for the full music video. Here are some screen caps of the teaser to spaz over~!

The translation of the song in the teaser is:
SuperJunior in Love~ SuperJunior in Town~ the anticipation has
ended~ I’m coming to somewhere very very close to you~ SuperJunior in
Love~ SuperJunior in Town ~the wait is over~ I am coming over to you right
now~Mr.Simple!~ (I love it! :))

The teaser has a jazzy feel to it, which I LOVE! Fellow ELFs, don’t forget to watch the teasers gazillions of times to increase the views! 🙂 Let’s not re-upload the mv when it is out. Let’s support our boys ^^

Now, the pics (Slideshow)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. Donghae, Y U SO HOT.


My Top 10 Favorite Korean Movies

Ahh I love Korean movies. Though I haven’t watched too many, but recently I did come across some amazing movies which touched my heart, made me cry and made me laugh super hard. One question : Why are Koreans so awesome in everything? 😉

Here’s my list of my favorite  Korean movies:

1. My little bride:

I LOVE Kim Rae Won and Moon Geun Young is pretty awesome too. This story of a 25 year old guy getting married to a 15 year old girl can sound like it’s a lil weird (considering morals and all) but the treatment given to this film is so sweet and endearing that we will fall in love with the young couple. Age doesn’t really matter in true love. I will never get tired of this film and the sweetness that exudes just warms my heart 🙂

2. He Was Cool:

Who doesn’t love Song Seung Hyun? At his hottest in this film (according to me that is :P) I LOVE his bad boy role in this film. The actress is pretty badass too. His ‘bad’ role actually makes us like him even more. Awesome acting, and awesome storyline. The ending made me cry. Enough said. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it like, now!

3. My tutor friend:

Ohh Kwon Sang Woo is a hottie.  His role too is a somewhat a bad boy who falls in love with his own teacher. But fear not, his teacher is the same age as him (since he has failed multiple times in a class and hence over age in high school). He gets pretty sweet during the movie and the ending is awesome!! Must watch film!!

4. My sassy girl and Windstruck:

I listed them together because they are almost similar. Windstruck is a ‘prequel’ of My sassy girl and Cha Tae Hyun also appears in Windstruck. I think Windstruck was more sad than My sassy girl but I enjoyed watching both! Jun Ji Hyun has similar roles in both and has acted well!

5. Project Makeover:

This one was named as Korea’s worst movies of 2007. I don’t understand why(probably they thought this movie was stupid, which it is, a little). But I loved the acting of the leading lady and the plot was interesting and handled well. This is a story of a woman in her 30s who has made some mistakes in guys and hence left alone when she’s supposed to be dating/married and settled down. She finds a way to go to her past to correct her mistakes. But can she do it? Watch and see 🙂

6. Temptation of wolves.

Jo Han Sun is another name for hotness. Two guys, Kang Dong Won and Jo Han Sun fall for a girl. But the twist is – the girl is Kang Dong Won’s sister. How will this complicate things? Who will get the girl? Don’t miss this movie. ‘Cause it’s epic 🙂 SO romantic oh my god.

7. Speedy Scandal:

Fun film which gets emotional towards the end. The lil dude Wang Seok-hyeon is ADORABLE to the max. A lil weird story but fun none the less. Cha Tae Hyun acts well and so does his ‘daughter’. Must watch!

8. Too beautiful to lie:

I love the acting in this movie! A female oriented film starring Kim Ha Neul and Kang Dong Won, this film is a laugh riot. A ex- con artist (Ha-Neul) loses her bag in a situation and in order to get it back, she lies. And lies more and more. Hence, the confusion. The script is tight and there are some real funny scenes. Don’t miss!

9. A millionaire’s first love:

A romantic film with lots of waterworks. Be ready with tissues when you watch this tearjerker. This is a story of how love and a disease changes the life of an arrogant millionaire. Awesome acting in this one too. Starring Hyun Bin and Lee Yeon Hee.


Ahh my Kim Rae Won again! A sweet love story with amazing detailing on the mother daughter relationship and a terminal illness. …ing with bring a tear to your eyes and a smile to your face too. Great acting again.

I have lots more movies to watch, this list might change then! 😛 Which are your fave movies?? Let me know in comments! 🙂

Boys Over Flowers : The Awesome Kdrama!

Boys Over Flowers

Wow. I’m in love with this one. When I started watching this show I wasn’t much interested in it (probably because the first scene of bullying turned me off, when I was expecting a romantic drama). And now I’m hooked. I’m still on  episode 21, but I couldn’t wait to write this post. Let me tell you, this is gonna have some spoilers!! 😉

Geum Jan Di

So, we have this lovely but poor high school girl, who’s also a swimmer,  named Geum Jan Di, who saves a boy from being bullied by the famous (or infamous rather) F4 in this “high class” Shinhwa School. She is soon given the name of “Wonder girl Geum JanDi”. You will have an instant liking towards JanDi, the fearless child like young girl. Koo Hye Sun, a fabulous  and super talented actress, director and so much more is such an all-rounder! Great expressions, great dialogue delivery and great looker.

Beautiful, isn't she?

And, the F4!

You’ll detest them at first. I did too. But I thought they were cute! 🙂 They are:

Gu Jun Pyo 🙂




1. Gu Jun Pyo:  The tall, rich, handsome guy with super long legs (aka perfect guy, I mean come on, Lee Min Ho is hot!) is the heir of Shinhwa Group. He practically owns the school and hence never misses an opportunity to bully the students who don’t follow his rules. Lee Min Ho is a brilliant actor. One of the best from this lot and the best I’ve seen yet. Way to Go, LMH!


That's the smile I'm talking about 🙂

2. So Ee Jung: The cutie with the killer smile, this is Kim Bum for you. My mind kinda moves away from the plot and I start focusing on his smile more when he comes on screen. Don’t blame me 😉




3. Yoon Ji Hoo: JI HOO! omg, he’s my new crush. Slightly needs improvement in the acting department but totally blows me away in the looks and personality department! Played by the uber talented singer actor and hot dancer Kim Hyun Joong aka Leader of the Kpop group SS501.


4. Woo Bin: F4 completes with WooBin. The ultimate player and womanizer. He’s cute and goodhearted too, as you’ll see when the drama progresses. I’m still on ep 21 as I said, now moving towards the end of the show (noooo), but I wonder why WooBin doesn’t have a parallel storyline in this show YET? He needs a GF too 🙂

As we move forward, Ji Hoo, JanDi and Jun Pyo (All their names start with J? lol) get involved in a love triangle of sorts. I literally cried when I saw the scenes when JunPyo did something nice for JanDi. I mean, if everyone had boyfriends like that, the world would be a better place. But deep down inside, I wanted JanDi to end up with the sweet, loving, caring and super understanding JiHoo. Hard to choose between love and friendship, eh?

I feel ya, JanDi.

A parallel plot line is of So Ee Jung and our very own JanDi’s BFF Ga Eul (I love her name!). Both make a sweet couple and they tug at your heart strings when you scream inside “END UP TOGETHER WILL YA? COME ON!” haha. The SoEul Couple. Schweeet.

And then there are some scenes of Ji Hoo with his grandpa, towards to end of the show. Doesn’t interest me much, though is integral to the plotline.

Then, we have the ugly -inside-out President Kang, Jun Pyo’s old hag aka mom. She gets in the way of JunPyo and JanDi’s love. Breaks homes. Makes people unemployed. Does all the bad things. If you like her, then probably you’re weird.

Gu Jun Pyo’s sister is one hell of a cutie.

Her introductory scene with the cartwheel is funny, though not intentionally. She’s hot and adds good value to the storyline.

Jae Kyung. Ha Jae Kyung, heir of the JK group about to be merged with Shinhwa group. She becomes Jun Pyo’s fiance. The one we love to hate but just can’t hate. OMG, what about JanDi then?  Doesn’t JunPyo like JanDi anymore? Ahh, you’ll see. 🙂

Here is a list of some of my favorite scenes and memorable moments from this show till now:

  • (When Jun Pyo and Jan Di are in a  helicopter)

Jun Pyo: (On seeing a heart shaped island he owns)  I always wanted to bring the love of my life here.  JanDi-ya, can you see it? My Heart? 🙂

  • When JanDi gives JunPyo a full blown 360 degree turn high kick in the face!. AWESOME! lol
  • When they visit New Caledonia and Macau.  Great locations and amazing scenery! Makes me wanna visit these places someday!
  • When JanDi suffers the pain of getting a chair thrashed on her back. Just for JunPyo. Tears here.
  • When Jun Pyo lives with the Geum family for a night! I loved that part! Our little Geum Gang San, JanDi’s bro and JanDi’s dad TOTALLY rock that scene with Lee Min Ho. Hilarious.
  • Gu Jun Pyo eating raw Ramyun noodles. LOVED IT.
  • Ji Hoo playing any instrument. He’s a rockstar.
  • I think the most repeated dialogue in this kdrama is “Dae?” Meaning “Yes?” Try finding one episode which doesn’t have any character saying this. haha Just my observation. 😉
  • When Jun Pyo and Jan Di go for skiing, ice skating, shopping, walk on the beach…aaah, all those romantic moments. Love.
  • When Jun Pyo says “It’s not PRIIIIVACY it’s P-R-I-D-E” 🙂
  • When Ji Hoo participates in the wedding dress competition with JanDi. Oh, what a beautiful couple they make! And she kisses him on the cheek. SO CUTE. 🙂 I envy how JanDi is always surrounded by hot guys! 😀
  • Aaah when Ji Hoo speaks English!! This language never sounded better on any other Korean.

(To the guitar player on the streets of Macau)

Ji Hoo: I’m so sorry,  can I borrow your guitar? Just once? Okay Thank you.

(Ji hoo smiles wide and so do I) Simple words but awesome accent. Can you feel the fangirl inside me smiling as I type this? lol 😉

Also, I love how awesome friends the F4 are! With JanDi too! Always supportive, always there for each other. Nice!!

Oh, and I looove the OST of this show. Lucky by Ashily, Starlight tears by Kim Yu Kyung, Stand By Me by SHINee, Because I’m stupid and Making a Lover by SS501 are all fantastic!

SO! Didn’t realise how long this post turned out to be! That shows how much I loooove this Kdrama. I’m sure I’ll watch it again. And maybe again. Till I get bored of it, which is never 🙂


If you haven’t watched it, boy are you missing out. And for those who have watched it already, what are you waiting for? WATCH IT AGAIN!

Gu Jun Pyo – Geum JanDi – Yoon Ji Hoo and the rest of F4, fighting!! 🙂