Mamamoo has come out with a new song called Egotistic which features a Latin-style beat and striking visuals. This song was the song which essentially made me stop and take notice of Mamamoo and the talent these girls have! My favorites are definitely Solar and Hwasa. Who is your favorite? Go ahead and share with me in the comments below. And now onto the review….

The song

The Kpop industry is wholeheartedly embracing Latin-style music nowadays. Despacito and a few more Latin hits might be the reason why, but hey I’m not complaining! I love it! After Super Junior’s Lo Siento, this song caught my attention right from the beginning. The guitar intro sets up the mood nicely. The girls’ vocals are on point and the highlight of the song is definitely “brrah!” 🙂

I love how all of the girls exude confidence in their singing and rapping. This is the fierceness that I like to see in kpop girl groups. All of them sound badass.

The Music Video (MV) 

What a wonderful video! The outfits, the set, the colors, the visual effects and editing were all great. These girls reminded me of 2ne1, my all-time favorite girl group.

The choreography, although not complicated, suited the song. Enjoyed the sultry vibe of the mv. You go girls!

Song Rating : 4.5/5

MV Rating: 4/5

How much would YOU rate the song and mv? Comment below!