Hello there!

So I just finished watching ‘The Heirs‘. Yes, that drama from 2013. I know what you’re thinking. A drama from 2013? YesPlease, let me explain 😅.

I stopped watching k-dramas for years (YEARSSS) and now I’m hoping to get back on track. Why now? I don’t know. Obviously, I’ve missed a shit ton of good dramas and if I tried to catch up on all these lost years, I’d pretty much die of k-drama overdose (which isn’t a bad way to go in my opinion…jk)

So here it is! My review of the super melodramatic Korean drama – ‘He Who Wishes to Wear the Crown, Endures Its Weight – The Heirs’

The Storyline

Here’s the thing – I felt that a lot of the story involved repetitions. It was like watching the same scene again and again in different ways. It got a bit tiring towards the end when I was like cooommee oonnn guyysss let’s move onnn. So much of the story was the usual rich guy-poor girl scenario and how he’s her ‘knight in shining armor’ (In fact, if one wasn’t enough, Eun Sang has two knights in this drama. They are even addressed like that by Woo-bin’s character. Alrighty, then!). I somehow started missing the original Cha Eun Sang who went to USA all by herself with a goal in mind. She was projected as a strong-headed girl. But as I moved ahead in the drama, I saw that Eun Sang lost her mojo and became…ordinary. That was disappointing.

The Humor

Absolutely loved the comic scenes and I thought they were well done. Especially towards the end, where the core of the story was almost done with so the atmosphere of the show had shifted from melodrama to some light hearted fun. The scenes between Eun Sang’s mom and Tan’s mom were great. The flirty scenes between Tan and Eun Sang were cute as heck. I totally hit rewind on those scenes just to see Lee Minho kill it. His comic timing is pretty good!

Kim Woo-Bin nailed his character. Totally well done. Kudos to him.

Lee Min-ho obviously has acting chops and handled this role pretty well too.

Park Shin-hye‘s acting seemed repetitive. Maybe it was the role, maybe it was the type of story, but her acting was ordinary in this and didn’t impress. I’m sure she has done other roles which show off her acting skills though!

Krystal really surprised me and made me interested to see her acting in other dramas. She made a ‘bitchy’ girl likeable and that’s something!

Kim Ji-won’s character (Rachel Yoo) was extremely annoying which means the actress did her job well. I just thought that she didn’t go through any character development or arc.

I felt that most of the cast was underutilized due to an average script maybe. Overall, the speed of this drama could’ve been better and the concept of rich guy-poor girl was a bit monotonous to watch. But the romantic scenes, comedic scenes and acting kind of make up for it. My rating : 3/5